Waccess pull up bar – the Smart Choice


If you’ve been having that feeling, the one that almost everyone is guilty of having felt at some point, and think you really need to lose some weight, Wacces brings the answer to your needs. The Wacces 3-in-1 Fitness Exercise Door Chin Pull up Bar is nifty and very accessible and the set-up is also just as simple. The equipment ... Read More »

Rift Starts Shipping Today — “This Is a Historic Moment,” Oculus Says

After years of development, the first Oculus Rift consumer model starts officially shipping today. People who backed the original Kickstarter campaign in 2012 are getting their units beginning today, Oculus said in a blog post, while orders placed through the Oculus website will ship later this week. “This is a historic moment,” Oculus said. “Soon, people all over the world ... Read More »

All the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature, introduced in November 2015, lets you play Xbox 360 games on the new console. But what games are available? 10 more were added recently, bringing the catalog’s total number of games to 130. We’ve now rounded them all up–and we’ll continue to update this post as new games are made available. Microsoft haspromised that ... Read More »

Tomb Raider Writer Calls for Diversity in Characters, Says Games Can Teach Empathy

Rise of the Tomb Raider Rhianna Pratchett believes female characters need to be more than just “strong,” and she says calling them that is a “disservice” to the rest of their character. She also says she’d “love to see more diversity within male characters” as well. “We do tend to overuse the words ‘strong female character’–you never hear them say ... Read More »

New Killer Instinct PC Footage Showcases Performance Test

One day before its launch on Windows 10, a new trailer for the PC version of fighting game Killer Instinct has been released. This video specifically showcases the game’s performance test, which developer Iron Galaxy recommends you conduct before getting started. As you’ll see, Performance Test is listed under Help & Options. The process takes around 60 seconds, and once it’s ... Read More »

PlayStation VR Could Support PC Someday, Exec Says

It’s possible that someday the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset PlayStation VR will support PC. That’s according to Sony executive Masayasu Ito, who told Japanese newspaper Nikkeirecently that, because the PS4 runs on a PC-like architecture, it may be possible one day for PlayStation VR to run on PC. “Since PlayStation 4 shares a lot of its internals with PCs, ... Read More »

Science, Humor, and the Gearbox-y-ness of Battleborn

The first Battleborn character to become completely realized was Oscar Mike, the seemingly straightforward gun-toting clone soldier. It was also the inception of Oscar Mike that would set the stage for the rest of Battleborn’s over two-dozen strong character roster. “The voice over for Oscar Mike, when [writer] Aaron Linde wrote it out, set the bar for the tone of ... Read More »

The Division Exploit Gets You Fast Phoenix Credits and Loot


A new get-rich-quick exploit in The Division could score you some quick credits and loot. It involves playing a specific mission, beating the boss, and then dying to respawn and do it all over again. Our video walks you step-by-step through the process, but if you don’t want to watch a video, you can check out how to do it ... Read More »