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The Ultimate Electricity Guide for World Travelers

If you are an American or a Canadian, and if you are travelling outside your country, then this article is for you. Today, in this modern world, it is imperative for someone to carry his/her smart devices with him/her. Hence, it is really important to know how you would power up your devices while you are travelling. Here, comes the need for adapter and converters. Power supply or electricity and plug shapes are different for different country, and as of now, there are no international standards pertaining to plug shapes and voltage. Their shapes, sizes vary by a large scale and hence, you will need to use an adapter as an affirmative to ensure that you can use your devices when you travel abroad. Moreover, if you are from USA or Canada, then you use a 110/120 Volt electricity line, while most of the countries other than the USA and Canada uses a 220/240 Volt electricity line. Now, if you plug in your device in these countries without using a converter to step down the voltage, the device will overheat and get fried.

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Most of the Americans who hasn’t travelled to other countries does not know this, and hence, end up damaging their product. An average American typically carries an electric toothbrush, an electric shaver, Coffee Maker, Irons etc., while electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, camera and Mp3 player. Being an American carrying these electrical devices, he would need a plug adapter, which would enable him to plug in his electrical devices to the socket, and also a converter which would bring down the voltage to the prescribed limit. Though, modern electrical devices come in with the dual voltage system, which basically support both the voltage variant, both the 110/120V and 220/240V variant. For the electronic devices, you would only need the adapter to plug in the device to the socket. You won’t need a converter because of the fact, most electronic devices nowadays can charge in both 120V and 240V. So, for instance, if you are travelling to France to taste the wonderful delicacies and to see the likes of the Eiffel Tower, then you need to take in your adapter affirmatively. In fact, if your device does not support dual voltage, you would also need to take a converter, which would step down the voltage to the prescribed limit.

If you are an avid traveler, then it is always better for you to buy an adapter kit, which would consist of adapters which can be plugged in to every kind of plug shapes. Generally, plug shapes can be of Type A to Type N.

Type A is predominantly used in North and Central America and Japan. While the Japan version of Plug A is slightly different than the North American version, but a single adapter works for both of them. This consist of two flat parallel prongs.

Type B is also used in North America and Japan. This is just another alternative of Type A, where the difference is only the grounding pin. This grounding pin is rated at 15 amps. This came into existence because of the fact that, most of Japan’s appliances uses a grounding pin.

Other internationally used plug types are Type C, which is used by all of Europe except the United Kingdom, Type D, which is used in the Indian subcontinent etc.

While travelling you should always take care of the fact that, you will need an adapter to keep using your devices, and sometimes you will need a converter too. Happy Travelling!