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6 things we’d like to see at Microsoft Build

Microsoft’s developer-centric Build conference opens its doors this week, the second such gathering since the minting of the “new” Microsoft with Satya Nadella in the driver’s seat. The changes to Microsoft since Nadella came on board have been encouraging: a firm consolidation of Microsoft’s presence in the cloud, the transformation of its app-dev ecosystem via

Microsoft, Yahoo in talks over private equity deal

Microsoft executives are in early talks with potential Yahoo investors about contributing to financing to buy the troubled internet company, a person familiar with the situation said. The talks are preliminary, the person added, and Microsoft is focused on preserving the relationship between the two companies. Microsoft and Yahoo have longstanding search and advertising agreements.

Microsoft is about to change Skype radically

Microsoft has announced that it will soon release the preview version of the Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app to Windows Insiders. Testers running Windows 10 PCs and tablets will be able to check out the new messaging app in the “coming weeks”, Redmond says, so there’s not long to wait now. The app won’t

How Kinect is helping people to breathe

Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect peripheral never quite took off as the future of gaming, but it’s proving enduringly popular among scientists as a low-cost imaging device. In the past we’ve seen it used to study glaciers and asteroids, for shopping analytics, insupermarket trolleys and even keeping peace on the Korean border. Now, a team of British

Microsoft grounds foul-mouthed teen-speak bot

A Microsoft “chatbot” designed to converse like a teenage girl was grounded on Thursday after its artificial intelligence software was coaxed into firing off hateful, racist comments online. Microsoft this week launched the experiment in which the bot nicknamed “Tay” was given the personality of a teenager and designed to learn from online exchanges with

Why Plans For An Upgraded PS4 Are Concerning

Recently, speculation has begun to surface that suggests Sony is planning to work on an upgraded PS4. Dubbed the PS4.5 or the PS4K, the updated version of the top-selling console will allegedly include an upgraded graphics processing unit to assist with the support of 4K resolutions in the future. Apparently, the release of the PlayStation

Nintendo to stop production of Wii U video games

Japanese video game maker Nintendo will stop production of the Wii U video game console as early as this year after stagnant sales, Nikkei reported on Tuesday. A few components of the device have already been stopped and parts inventory will dry up this year, according to Nikkei. Nintendo’s Wii U console has lagged behind

Microsoft gives Skylake a one-year reprieve, will support Windows 7 through 2017

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Windows 7’s support for Intel’s latest CPU, codenamed Skylake, would end by mid-2017. The announcement was controversial for several reasons: Not only have some users been unhappy with Windows 10 and Microsoft’s privacy and telemetry tracking, extended support for Windows 7 on other platforms doesn’t end until January 4,