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AMD buys Nitero wireless VR startup

AMD has acquired Nitero, a company that builds wireless chips for streaming virtual reality content from desktop computers to headsets, Forbes reports. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Quite a few things held VR headset adoption back in 2016, but one of the most visible issues (aside from price) were the bulky cords required by most high-end

Razer’s external Core GPU dock works with new Intel quad-core NUC, but carries a steep price tag

Over the past few weeks we’ve written about AMD’s XConnect technology, and its cooperation with both Intel and Razer to create an external graphics specification that wouldn’t depend on any one vendor, chassis, or technology. The Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Core are the first laptop and external chassis to come to market featuring this

Report claims Intel, AMD discussing GPU patent licensing

Over the last few quarters, AMD has made it clear that it’s looking for new sources of revenue, including potential licensing deals and IP arrangements. Now Bloomberg is reporting that Intel is one potential company interested in licensing some of AMD’s patents, and that the two companies are in talks about a potential deal. Presently,