Best Open source CRM Software for Medium and Large Enterprises

At this time, not many people have proper knowledge about open source CRM, specially the small scale businesses, where an open source CRM application is not considered as a serious thought.  It is very sure that soon it will leave its imprint all over the market.

Open source is now becoming a preference of many well known entrepreneurs and will be recognised as a popular movement.

follow link Open Office has emerged as a tough competitor for MS Office and is being one of the reason behind the low performance of Microsoft in the market. Thus it helps the medium and large enterprises move ahead with vigilance because the open source SuiteCRM Implementation and Development is the best pathway for swift workflow in the organization’s verticals. With open source CRM you can customize the software according to your own needs. It may be noted that it may be costly and difficult to customize proprietary CRM software while the source code isn’t easily procurable. After using   their in-house development services it may prove to be a really expensive tool if the business is not cautious.

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Advantages of Open Source CRM Systems:

Quick Response

Now, people like to finish the work in few clicks, everyone wants things to get completed faster and faster. Its ability to cater to technological problems and quick response shows the efficiency of the company. An open source community offer fast reply services for classifying and bug fixing.

follow url No licensing cost

Unlike other commercial CRMs, open source CRM do not include any such obligations or extra fees which proves to be profitable for the user. It’s online service writing college papers free SuiteCRM training for end users make it even more worthwhile.

Highly Cost effective

As mentioned above, there is no such obligatory fee. Support and customizations could probably include some fee but the source code itself is free. So it is a very cost-effective solution, with more amounts of facilities.

follow From little to Intricate Customizations of Source code

The source code might be customized and changed to any extent. It might be reconstructed to take any contour to company targets and your liking.

Let’s know about world’s greatest open source companies:


No doubt, SuiteCRM has been able to establish its own position in the market . It is an open source software solution to SugarCRM. The users are showing a great response and claimed it to be better than other Open source CRM. Two important features of Suite CRM is that firstly , it offers a  free demo for its user, so that they can get the full idea what the thing is all about, and secondly it offers free SuiteCRM Training for its  Users  which enables them to understand the software and use it wisely in the right way . It also offers preconfigured versions with a upgrade fee of  £10 to £16.40 per month for the users who don’t possess the ability to install/ configure. VTiger

The speciality of this CRM it not only comes with a large number of features , but also manage to be cost efficient  at the same time , making it a perfect solution for medium and small type businesses. It also offers a 30 day free trial. The characteristics include Client Support, Marketing, Sales and Calendar. All the key feature come under a price tag of  $12/ User, but may cost few extra dollars for added features.

enter site Odoo CRM

By combining the resources of its own open source community, associates’ resellers and network odoo was started in 2005 and flourishes in a distinguishing and open ecosystem. Odoo upgrades seamlessly, and supplies applications that are not complicated but is full featured, firmly integrated, runs easily. Their assignment is to provide an extensive variety of applications that are simple to make use of business.

next SugarCRM

Being a complete CRM package makes SugarCRM the third largest CRM supplier in the world. It is ideal CRM solution for big and medium sized businesses. It demands no extra license fee and may range from $35 to $150/user per month – charged per annum. You also have a free seven day trial option.

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