HTC One M10 release date, price, specs, features

HTC One M10 release date A leak claims the HTC One M10 will be launched on April 11, at an event in London. This leak comes from, which cites unnamed sources who have been right in the past. Evan Blass (@evleaks) tweeted that it would be “hitting US retail the week of May 9.” This

Meizu Pro 6 release date, price, specs, features

Meizu Pro 6 release date A report from China states that the Meizu Pro 6 is going to be released in August of 2016. Its predecessor, the Pro 5, was released in September of 2015 so this lines up with previous Meizu launches. We hope to hear more information from the company in the following months. Meizu Pro

Huawei P9 price, release date, specs and rumors

Huawei’s range is something of a mystery. There’s the P series, the Mate series, the Mate S series, and then there’s Huawei’s other brand, Honor. Honor devices include the Honor 7, Honor 7 Plus and Honor Holly. Differentiating between these products can be tricky, but they are all great smartphones for relatively low prices. Huawei P9 release date and price The official release date of the Huawei P9

Virtual reality girds for test in marketplace

A middle-aged white man sees himself as a young black woman being taunted by a racist. An Israeli grandmother glimpses herself as a Palestinian teen. A star athlete experiences what life would be like in a wheelchair. These are not plots of dystopian movies. They are experiences that take place in virtual reality, which technologists

Startup makes virtual reality intuitive with eye-tracking

No more fiddling with remote-controller buttons or a mouse. Just look. San Francisco-based startup Fove has developed eye-tracking for virtual reality—that kernel of technology many feel is key for the illusion of becoming immersed in a setting. Glance, and a video-game character talks back. Or use a death stare to shoot down virtual spaceships. Watch

Apple aims to bolster lineup with new iPhone

New iPhone and iPad models likely to be unveiled Monday are aimed at helping Apple keep momentum in the fast-evolving mobile device market. The media gathering at the company’s intimate Town Hall auditorium in Silicon Valley will also give Apple a chance to restate its case for fighting a US government demand that it break