Microsoft HoloLens AR Headset Wanted by US Army for the Battlefield

Virtual- and augmented-reality headsets haven’t had much traction in the consumer market, but they’re finding a place on the battlefield. The US Army said Thursday that it has awarded Microsoft a $480 million contract to supply its HoloLens headsets to soldiers. The Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted displays use augmented reality, which means viewers can see virtual imagery superimposed […]


US FTC to Investigate Video Game Loot Boxes

Federal regulators have vowed to investigate a growing trend in video games that analysts say could soon become a $50 billion (roughly Rs. 3.5 lakh crores) industry but which has drawn fire from critics who compare the practice to gambling. Senior officials at the Federal Trade Commission, America’s top consumer watchdog, said Tuesday that they will […]


How to choose an Antivirus for your Mac

Today, computers are essential elements to our everyday lives. From school work to business transactions, computers play a vital role in accomplishing a great number of tasks quickly and efficiently.Nowadays, portable, compact and high end computers are available in the form of laptops, notebooks, tablets and more. Viruses have become a serious threat to every […]