Fast and Cheap Cloud Server of this Year From the past few years, cloud servers have been the best option for hosting your website. They are fast, reliable and come with better security options. Moreover, there are no hassles of a shared or VPS hosting. The only problem with them was setting up a cloud server was a difficult task. However, Host1Plus has made it extremely simple for users to set up a new cloud server and get started on it. Most of the options come with a GUI so that you have to interact very less with the actual command line which is pretty great. The company also provides a choice between Windows and Linux clouds so you can choose the one you prefer. If you are planning to buy a new cloud server, this detailed review shall help you in a good way.

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Features of Host1Plus Cloud Server There are so many useful features of the Cloud server that Host1Plus provides, it is simply the best in class and all the services are up to the mark. Let’s see some of the best features that Host1Plus’s cloud server comes with.

KVM Virtualization Technique This technology is usually found in VPS servers but the company has also integrated it in the cloud servers for better efficiency. It not only provides high stability to your servers but also ensures better security along with it. Moreover, there is Windows support available for the KVM Virtualization which makes it even stronger. It is one of the best virtualization methods out there and you can reap its full advantage by using the cloud servers of Host1Plus.

Unlimited Scaling Options

go site Scalability is one of the major factors people consider while choosing their servers. At Host1Plus, you will get unlimited scalability options so you never have to worry about sudden traffic spikes. You don’t have to be restricted by the physical size of your server and can easily scale up as much as you want. Moreover, you can also make bulk orders on virtual machines with the same configuration so it makes things quite easier.

Automatic Backups

dissertation critique le survenant Taking backups is very simple in Host1Plus. You don’t have to take any additional efforts. Automatic backup facility is available for all the cloud servers and thus you can schedule it at a particular duration and be at ease. In case you need manual backups at some time, you can do so without any hassles. Backing up is pretty important considering that any mishap can bring down your whole database.


buy a dissertation online xavier university Pricing is one of the prime reasons why people choose Host1Plus over other competitors. You will be astonished to know that the cloud servers are available starting from just $4/month. You certainly can’t have a better deal than this on the internet. The top notch Linux package will cost you around $78/month but considering all the aspects, it is worth it. Windows packages usually cost higher and you can get one starting from $12.50/month which goes up to $76/month. These are discounted prices, if you are looking to buy a server, the best time would be to do it now.

The Last Words

Buy Divergent media ClipWrap 2 Host1Plus has done a remarkable job with its Cloud servers and impresses with hordes of features that are useful in today’s time. They have made their best efforts to ensure that every customer’s requirements are met. If you compare we are the only follow url affordable web hosting providers, for the features they are providing the pricing is absolutely worth it. For those who are looking to buy a cloud server, we highly recommend you to consider Host1Plus as it is one of the strongest contenders.

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