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How Kinect is helping people to breathe

Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect peripheral never quite took off as the future of gaming, but it’s proving enduringly popular among scientists as a low-cost imaging device. In the past we’ve seen it used to study glaciers and asteroids, for shopping analytics, insupermarket trolleys and even keeping peace on the Korean border. Now, a team of British

Dyson’s rumored electric car better not suck

Documents released by the UK government may have accidentally revealed that vacuum-maker Dyson has an electric car in the works. The UK government’s National Infrastructure Delivery Plan explained that it will provide £174 million (about $246 million) in funding to help Dyson develop “a new battery electric vehicle at their headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire,” according

This robot will destroy your iPhone in minutes

Fact #1: Robots are cool. Fact #2: Robots which destroy things are even cooler. So when Apple makes an iPhone-destroying robot arm you know we’re in for a treat. This mechanical appendage is named Liam – it’s an R&D project which breaks down your iPhone so it can be recycled. It can salvage precious materials