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India moves to third rank of countries most affected by financial trojans

India has moved up the rankings for countries with the most number of financial Trojan infections as per the latest Symantec Financial Threats 2015 research. India has gone from rank 5 in 2014 to 3 in the 2015 report, coming in behind the USA and Germany. It has jumped four places in the global rankings

Suresh Kuppuswamy appointed CEO of Sterling Software

Sterling Software (SSPL), a Chennai-based IT software product and services company, has appointed Suresh Kuppuswamy as its chief executive officer (CEO) with immediate effect. SSPL is a subsidiary of CAMS, India’s largest mutual fund registrar and transfer agent. “Kuppuswamy will spearhead SSPL in its next growth phase in new geographies, technology, service lines and develop

Microsoft is about to change Skype radically

Microsoft has announced that it will soon release the preview version of the Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app to Windows Insiders. Testers running Windows 10 PCs and tablets will be able to check out the new messaging app in the “coming weeks”, Redmond says, so there’s not long to wait now. The app won’t

The Google Nik Collection is now free!

In a move which nobody saw coming, Google has made its Nik Collection plug-in suite free to download. Previously, the suite was sold for $150, which was itself a substantial reduction over the price charged by its previous owner and developer, Nik Software. A statement by Google on its Google+ page explains the decision: “As

Adobe announces new marketing tool

At Adobe Summit, the company announced that is launching its ‘Marketing Cloud Device Co-op’, a network that will enable the world’s biggest brands to work together to better identify consumers across digital touch points while ensuring privacy and transparency. The company claims that Co-op will empower participating brands to recognize their consumers so they can