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Best Open source CRM Software for Medium and Large Enterprises

At this time, not many people have proper knowledge about open source CRM, specially the small scale businesses, where an open source CRM application is not considered as a serious thought.  It is very sure that soon it will leave its imprint all over the market. Open source is now becoming a preference of many

 Recover A Deleted File with EaseUS

You were in your mind and didn’t realize you just pressed the delete button or pressed empty the recycle button. It’s an awful feeling. And, if it is something substantial then you get that sickening feeling, realizing what you just did. Fortunately, you might be able to recover deleted files without having to run to

The Badlock bug: Start your patch prep today

Not having any details about the latest Badlock bug is frustrating, but IT administrators can do more than mark their calendars and wait for the security update. In fact, simply waiting is a bad idea. Wedding save-the-dates let invited guests clear the calendar and make travel arrangements. IT administrators should treat the Badlock pre-release announcement

New ransomware abuses Windows PowerShell, Word document macros

A new ransomware program written in Windows PowerShell is being used in attacks against enterprises, including health care organizations, researchers warn. PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework that’s included in Windows and is commonly used by systems administrators. It has its own powerful scripting language that has been used to create sophisticated

6 things we’d like to see at Microsoft Build

Microsoft’s developer-centric Build conference opens its doors this week, the second such gathering since the minting of the “new” Microsoft with Satya Nadella in the driver’s seat. The changes to Microsoft since Nadella came on board have been encouraging: a firm consolidation of Microsoft’s presence in the cloud, the transformation of its app-dev ecosystem via

Petya ransomware overwrites MBRs, locking users out of their computers

It’s hard enough for non-technical users to deal with ransomware infections: understanding public-key cryptography, connecting to the Tor anonymity network and paying with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. A new malicious program now makes it even more difficult by completely locking victims out of their computers. The new Petya ransomware overwrites the master boot record (MBR) of the

Stali distribution smashes assumptions about Linux

The first public version of Stali, a Linux distribution built to be as fast and small as possible, has been released after several years of work. This first release of the entire Stali OS fits into a 34MB ISO. Stali stands for static Linux, with “static” referring to how all binaries in the distribution are built statically against their libraries.