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Yahoo Suffers Major Data Breach Deja Vu

Yahoo on Wednesday revealed that Net bandits stole data associated with 1 billion of its user accounts — one of the largest data breaches in Internet history. The theft, which occurred in August 2013, is distinct from the theft disclosed earlier this fall, in which 500 million accounts were compromised, Yahoo CISO Bob Lord explained.

Instagram’s banning of pro-anorexia content may have made the problem worse, scientists find

A scientific study has found that Instagram’s decision to ban certain words linked to pro-anorexia posts may have actually made the problem worse. The study, conducted by a team at Georgia Tech, found that the censoring of terms like ‘thighgap’, ‘thinspiration’ and ‘secretsociety’, commonly used by anorexia sufferers, initially caused a decrease in use. However, they

Using Facebook and Snapchat makes you ‘cognitively and morally shallow’, according to psychologists

Texting and using social media can result in “cognitive and moral shallowness”, studies have found. Research shows people who frequently text or use social media were less likely to engage in “reflective thought” and “placed less importance on moral life goals”. Tech writer Nicholas G Carr, in his Pulitzer nominated book The Shallows, discussed the

Twitter changes the ‘Like’ button yet again to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Although Twitter provoked the anger of its users when it changed the star-shaped ‘Favourite’ button to a heart-shaped ‘Like’ one back in November, it may have won them back with its latest tweak. Starting on Twitter’s 10th birthday on Monday, clicking the heart button creates a minature explosion of fireworks and confetti, rather than the simple animation