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Dianabol is the First Successful Steroid Ever Produced

The first steroid which got manufactured is Anabol. It is very popular amongst body builders and athletes because it works. It has gone through a number of evolutions in its long lifetime. Usually people prefer going for the newer steroids, but this one has remained popular for a very long time. Anabolic steroids help in

Digital Transactions Not a Short-Term Substitute for Cash, Says PM Modi

On the eve of the expiry of the deadline to deposit demonetised currency in banks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens not to regard digital transactions as a short-term substitute for cash payments. “Digital transactions should not be viewed as a short-term substitute for cash payments,” PM Modi told India Today magazine in an interview.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Tweet Editing Feature ‘Definitely Needed’ but Implementation Is Complicated

It’s the end of the year and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has now acknowledged that a tweet editing feature is “definitely needed” by the social networking website heading into 2017. Even though Dorsey admitted in his posts on the website that the feature is required, he seems to be unsure about the implementation of the

Consumer Reports Stands by MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Test Findings; Refuses a Retest

Many early users of the new MacBook Pro 2016 units have reported battery life issues. Consumer Reports also reported inconsistent battery life in its in-depth tests, and the MacBook Pro 2016 shockingly became the first MacBook to not receive the organisation’s recommendation. Surprised by the findings, Apple even announced that it is working with Consumer

Fast and Cheap Cloud Server of this Year

From the past few years, cloud servers have been the best option for hosting your website. They are fast, reliable and come with better security options. Moreover, there are no hassles of a shared or VPS hosting. The only problem with them was setting up a cloud server was a difficult task. However, Host1Plus has

Amazon Completes Its First Drone Delivery

Amazon said Wednesday it completed its first delivery by drone, in what the global online giant hopes will become a trend in automated shipments by air. The delivery to a customer near Cambridge, England, was announced in a tweet by Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos. “First-ever #AmazonPrimeAir customer delivery is in the books.


It has become a common parlance in the fitness world that those who vie for ripped and toned bodies use steroids to attain the Greek god looks. There is always a quick fix manipulation involved for people who want to get muscular bodies in no time. But people who train for years and work on