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News ‘micropayments’ startup hits US market (Update)

A Dutch-based startup that aims to get readers to make “micropayments” for individual news articles launched in the US market Wednesday with a handful of high-profile media partners. Blendle, the payments platform backed by The New York Times and German publisher Axel Springer, said its service in the United States would offer articles from Time

French body fines Google over ‘right to be forgotten’

France’s data protection agency on Thursday fined Google 100,000 euros ($112,000) for only partially honouring requests by individuals to have information about them removed from its search engines. The European Court of Justice has recognised the “right to be forgotten” since 2014, allowing individuals, under certain conditions, to have references to them removed from the

Microsoft grounds foul-mouthed teen-speak bot

A Microsoft “chatbot” designed to converse like a teenage girl was grounded on Thursday after its artificial intelligence software was coaxed into firing off hateful, racist comments online. Microsoft this week launched the experiment in which the bot nicknamed “Tay” was given the personality of a teenager and designed to learn from online exchanges with