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Google API Console gets a cleanup

Google has revamped API Console, the central point of access for developers who want to make use of the APIs provided by Google’s range of services. The original, rather crowded interface has been replaced with “a better and more streamlined experience,” Google said in its Developers Blog. From the API Console, all of Google’s APIs —

ISPs are breaking Net neutrality rules, advocacy groups say

Internet service providers are picking “winners and losers” in violation of U.S. Net neutrality rules by selectively exempting Web traffic from their monthly data caps, according to a coalition of more than 50 advocacy groups. The Federal Communications Commission should stop ISPs from exempting selected Web traffic, known as offering zero-rating plans, and enforce its year-old

How to optimise and organise iTunes

Think for a minute about all the things that iTunes can d it’s a repository holding possibly many gigabytes of media, a library, a shop and an internal database, plus it has to stream and sync all that data wherever you choose. No wonder it can sometimes run out of puff! Part of the problem

YouTube Connect could knock Periscope off its throne

Google is heavily rumored to be working on a competitor to live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Facebook Live. Sources have told VentureBeat that Google has been quietly working on a new mobile service called YouTube Connect, which will allow you to live-stream directly to your subscriber base. YouTube Connect will be available on both

How to plan the perfect Easter holiday

Planning the perfect Easter break Holidays are great, of course, but if you’re unlucky you could spend half your Easter holiday stuck in traffic and the other half in the World’s worst motel. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In fact, there’s no need to scarper off and scour the internet for answers

French media websites take on ad blockers

The websites of several French media outlets joined together Monday requesting or requiring readers to disable ad blocking software to gain access to news content. The initiative, organised by a trade association representing online businesses, aimed to reverse the growing popularity of software that blocks advertisements many Internet users find annoying, but provide critical revenue