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Sony Forms New Division for Mobile Game Development

According to an official press release from Sony, the tech firm is set to begin operations of its freshly minted mobile game development studio, ForwardWorks, on April 1, 2016, and it will also be changing its full company name to Sony Interactive Entertainment. Although the multinational didn’t confirm this to be the case, the organization

50% Off Fallout 4 and Season Pass in GMG Spring Sale

You might have known that on Tuesday, Fallout 4’s first Season Pass DLC ‘Automatron’ became available, but did you know that Tuesday was also the first time a digital Steam copy of Fallout 4was below the magical 50% off price point? Earlier this week digital retailer Green Man Gaming scooped the Steam Store and launched their very own Spring

Prankster Admits Nintendo NX Controller Photos are Fake

While much has been said about the Nintendo NX in the last few months, specifically about therumored controller, those rumors will soon shift gears. Today, the individual who first posted images of the Nintendo NX controller confirmed they are fake. In a video posted to YouTube, the “prankster” walks viewers through his/her process of creating

Gears of War 4 Will Kick Off New Trilogy

According to the interview, Gears of War 4‘s story is being explicitly crafted by developer The Coalition to expand the franchise’s game universe, and the upcoming installment will also jump start a new trilogy built to capitalize on this extended universe. Rod Fergusson, the studio head behind the project, said that the team considered many different

Division Players Uncover New Loot Farm in Mission

Fans of The Division who were disappointed to see the infamous Loot Cave being patched away will be happy to hear that its unofficial replacement has been almost immediately uncovered. It seems like The Division is destined to always have some kind of prevalent loot exploit, but more surprising is that the new loot farm discovery involves an

Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for March 25-27

This week was a big one for Destiny fans, especially those who enjoy recycled content! In all seriousness, Bungie’s first Twitch stream focused on the April update offered plenty of reasons for fans to be excited, if only because there is a new light level increase and “new” activities to complete. As some predicted, Destiny’s

9 Best World War II Video Games

While it may be hard to believe now, there was once a time when the World War II setting was considered overused, with numerous games set during the era released every year. In response to World War II consumer fatigue, the market shifted to modern and future settings, but now there are few high quality

Division Player Takes On Nearly 20 Agents as a Rogue

After a player in Tom Clancy’s The Division took down two squads of Rogue agents in a Dark Zone battle, one Rogue agent has gone 12 better by single-handedly taking down 20 agents. Now that Tom Clancy’s The Division has been out for few weeks, players have had ample time to try their hand in at the Dark Zone,