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Facebook buys face swap app Masquerade

Facebook has bought popular app Masquerade (also known as MSQRD), which should let them cash in on the current face-swapping craze. The sale was announced in a blog post written by Masquerade’s CEO Eugene Nevgen, who said the company was excited to join forces with Facebook “and bring the technology to even more people.” By getting

Facebook ‘Like’ button may be against the law, German court rules

A German court has ruled that a shopping site’s use of the Facebook ‘Like’ button was not legal, since users were not properly warned that their personal data was being shared with the social network. The Düsseldorf district court said that the Fashion ID clothing website, run by retailer Peek & Cloppenburg (P&C), failed to get

Rich Kids of London creator explains why he posts photos of wealthy people’s extravagant lives

If you’ve been following the Rich Kids of London (RKOL) on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know they love to drop money on private jets, gold Bentleys, and hoverboards. You’re also probably wondering who is responsible for the account and what compels them to post photos of ridiculously rich people’s lives. Business Insider spoke to Rich

Facebook to unveil ‘Messenger Bot Store’ at F8 conference

New Delhi: Social networking giant Facebook would unveil a ‘Bot Store’ for its Messenger app at its upcoming F8 developer conference in April. The ‘Bot Store’ may allow users to download a range of automated programs which they could interact with through Messenger, the independent reported. A Messenger Bot Store would have far-reaching consequences not

New Facebook tools allow marketers to gauge ad impact

New York: Facebook has announced two new tools to help marketers gauge the effectiveness of ads on the social networking website. “Lift API” feature helps many more advertisers, Facebook`s marketing partners and other third-party measurement partners create their own lift studies for conversion rates, sales and mobile app installs. It builds on the Lift measurement

Social media used to exchange knowledge on rare diseases

According to researchers, people often seek medical knowledge from social media platforms rather than traditional medical sources to find information on and discuss health issues — particularly where patient experiences and medical advice are both equally valued. “This project shows the potential of online communication tools for isolated patient communities and the extent to which