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USB Trojan hides in portable applications, targets air-gapped systems

A Trojan program is being distributed through USB drives and seems to be designed for stealing information from so-called air-gapped computers that are not connected to the Internet. The new Trojan has been dubbed USB Thief by security researchers from antivirus firm ESET and has several characteristics that set it apart from the traditional malware

How machine learning will take off in the cloud

A company that helps users to create their own websites now knows what kind of sites their 80 million users are building without pestering them with repeated questions. Wix, a Tel Aviv-based Web development company, is using machine learning on Google’s cloud platform to learn more about its users so it can help them find

Razer’s affordable BlackWidow X mechanical keyboard has optional Cherry switches

If you’ve been browsing mechanical gaming keyboards but have stopped short of picking one up because of their higher cost compared to regular membrane models, Razer thinks you’ll be interested in its latest products. Called the BlackWidow X, the company’s newest gaming keyboard is a stripped down version of its flagship BlackWidow keyboard that launched

Health care data is key to better patient outcomes

AUSTIN, TX – Healthcare is one of the largest portions of the U.S. economy, representing a $2.8 trillion market (PDF), according to PwC. It is also a sector rife with issues, with the cost of care, drugs, and insurance generally rising above the cost of inflation each year. As politicians on the right and the left

Microsoft gives Skylake a one-year reprieve, will support Windows 7 through 2017

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Windows 7’s support for Intel’s latest CPU, codenamed Skylake, would end by mid-2017. The announcement was controversial for several reasons: Not only have some users been unhappy with Windows 10 and Microsoft’s privacy and telemetry tracking, extended support for Windows 7 on other platforms doesn’t end until January 4,

Razer’s external Core GPU dock works with new Intel quad-core NUC, but carries a steep price tag

Over the past few weeks we’ve written about AMD’s XConnect technology, and its cooperation with both Intel and Razer to create an external graphics specification that wouldn’t depend on any one vendor, chassis, or technology. The Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Core are the first laptop and external chassis to come to market featuring this