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Apple Watch 2: do we really even need one?

I’m a keen watcher of the wearables space, who’s still recovering from the bravely struggling, village fete-like ambience of the Wearable Technology Show and the unbelivable super-repetitive opulence of the Baselworld luxury watch mega-expo, both of which were last week. I did think there was a possibility Apple would have a major Watch announcement tonight.

Backup, reset and de-cap: How the FBI might hack into an iPhone

For more than a month, federal investigators have insisted they have no alternative but to force Apple to help them open up a phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. That changed Monday when the Justice Department said an “outside party” recently showed the FBI a different way to access the data on

Apple working on new ‘ultra-thin’ laptops

The two new MacBooks share a design similar to the existing 12-inch MacBook, but thinner than existing MacBook Air. Apple is all set to refresh its MacBook lineup.According to a recent report in DigiTimes, the company is working on a new range of MacBook Pros expected to launch in summer. According to the report, “Apple’s

Apple Q1 2016 financial results: Record revenue of $75.9 billion, iPhone sales up a fraction, iPad and Mac sales down

Apple announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2016 on Tuesday 26 January. Here, you’ll find out how many iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple WatchesApple has sold in the quarter as well as what analysts and Apple watchers expected Apple to have sold during its first fiscal quarter of 2016. Apple financial results: How to

New Apple headphones release date and connectivity rumours: Apple said to ship Lightning-enabled EarPods with iPhone 7

Rumours about new Apple headphones have been hotting up recently. Here, we round up all of the new Apple headphone speculation, including rumours about Lightning EarPods and new Apple Beats headphones. iPhone 7 headphone rumours There’s still probably seven months to go before its launch, but the most persistent rumour about the iPhone 7 so