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iPhone Messages App Reportedly Permanently Disabled by New Malicious Text Message Attachment

Once again, a malicious text message is being circulated among iPhone users, and this time it is reportedly freezing the Messages app. The message containing a an attachment to a large contacts file sent via iCloud Drive renders the Messages app useless, and a hard reset does not solve the problem either. This new malicious

Apple vs. FBI is over, but the encryption battle rages on

The abrupt end to the FBI’s legal battle with Apple this week resolved none of the underlying disputes. Now important lessons from that case are in danger of being obscured and discourse on encryption and security derailed by emotionalism in the wake of the Brussels attacks. After asserting repeatedly that only Apple was capable of

Trio of Apple execs pull in $55.6 million each

Three Apple executives each received $55.6 million worth of company stock, the second half of an award granted in 2011 after the death of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The top-tier executives — head of marketing Philip Schiller, general counsel Bruce Sewell and chief operations officer Jeff Williams — each gained control of 525,000 shares

Apple demands delay in NY iPhone case

Apple last week asked a federal magistrate in New York to extend a court filing deadline until after the government decides whether it can unlock a different iPhone in a similar case, documents revealed. The New York case involved an iPhone used by a convicted drug dealer. Last year, the the Department of Justice (DOJ)