Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Broken Internationally

Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Broken Internationally

Spider-Man for PS4 has a September 7 release date. Though it seems that some fortunate gamers have been able to play this hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive ahead of this. Thanks to enterprising retailers in the UAE, Spider-Man PS4 is now available for purchase. This isn’t the first time Sony’s games have been subject to a street date break. In the past, high profile exclusives such as Uncharted 4, No Man’s Sky, and Ratchet and Clank could be purchased well ahead of their release dates, at times almost two weeks before their official release.

If you were expecting India to get copies of Spider-Man PS4 early, this seems unlikely. Outside of a snafu from a major retailer, like we saw with Flipkart and Uncharted 4 in the past, most Indian retailers would not sell a Sony game ahead of release date. This is because the company’s hardware and games make up a sizeable chunk of store revenue at the moment and being cut off from supply of Sony’s products could result in massive losses. Furthermore, those who would usually take the risk, won’t as the game is barely three days away from an official release, giving them little time to arrange for stock.

Spider-Man PS4 India price is Rs. 3999 at PlayStation Store, Amazon, Flipkart, or Games The Shop. In the US, Spider-Man costs $60. There’s a Spider-Man Digital Deluxe Edition for Rs. 4,999 in India and $80 in the US. Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC costs $25 on its own in the US – it has yet to be listed in India – so you can save $5 with the Digital Deluxe Edition. Plus, there’s a Spider-Man Special Edition: Rs. 4,999 on Games The Shop and a Spider-Man Collector’s Edition: Rs. 9,999 in India and $150 in the US. If you’re planning to buy Spider-Man PS4 digitally, be prepared for a 47GB download.

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